The Frail “Lasers Over Lovers” Out Now

Tricycle Records is thrilled to celebrate our 20th record release with The Frail, ‘Lasers Over Lovers’ EP, out today and available on iTunes and through the Tricycle Records Store.

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About the Release

Over the past four years, velvet-throated vocalist Daniel Lannon and hyper-prolific producer Kevin Durr have pushed the group from a Craigslist collaboration to a stage-shattering electro-pop act worthy of national acclaim. Pop-indie hybrids, the group’s electro-tinged cuts now toe the line between falsetto homage to Michael Jackson and the hyper-literate electro experimentation of DFA acts like LCD Soundsystem.

In preparation for the March release of their new EP, Lasers Over Lovers, on Tricycle Records, the group has explored everything from acoustic laments to floor-shaking electo anthems, emerging with a slate of songs charged with energy and complex, deep-seeded emotion. The recent addition of guitarist Rob Pera and bassist Izzy Chavarin offers yet another layer of depth, cementing the group’s shift from simple, party rousing dance tunes to profound pop steeped in indie intelligence.

The Buzz

“Normally when we mention Tricycle Records, we’re talking about Geographer, but with The Frail‘s hard-to-miss electro-beats and homely, outpouring vocals, we’re ready to add another group to the discussion.” – Music Under Fire

“A sound that will appeal to fans of fellow locals Sugar & Gold, the Limousines, and Every Move a Picture” – SF Weekly

“The Frail are an excellent electro pop act. They have a bit of similarity to Xiu Xiu, without the extreme broken heartedness. It’s as if Xiu Xiu were a dancier, uptempo act.” -SF Gate