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Tricycle News: Hot on Three Wheels

Summer is officially here, and if you live in San Francisco like we do, you may need some heating up. Check out the INCREDIBLY HOT new video from Stripmall Architecture for the B-side track ‘Dusk Drinks’.

Disclaimer: This video has sexual content and nudity, so don’t watch it at work.

In other Tricycle news, we are gearing up for three summer releases.

The Bay Area music scene is alive with new artists and an evolving sound. “Friends of Tricycle Records Compilation Vol. II” is our way of sharing new music from the local scene. This compilation will feature new artists and special tracks from artists you already know like Hot Toddies, The Union Trade, Rich Girls, Loquat, Fake Your Own Death, 8th Grader and more. To submit music for our compilation, send a link to stream your song to All artists must be Bay Area based.

‘Everyday Including’ by The Union Trade, has been one of our top sellers and August 1st we will be offering it on beautiful vinyl. For fans of Shoegaze and Postrock, this album is a must have.

Lastly, we are pleased to announce Luisa Black of The Blacks is back with her new project Rich Girls. This is what Luisa had to say about her garage-y torch songs: “I moped around for two years after The Blacks broke up and refused to listen to or play any music. Then I said screw it and started Rich Girls. It’s just me so no one can quit the band.” But, more on this later in the summer–because the Stripmall Architecture video is about all the hot this newsletter can handle.

Friends of Tricycle Records Compilation Vol. 1 Free Download

As we enter our 5th year as an independent record label, our only regret is not having the resources to work with every talented artist that approaches us. So we decided to release a special compilation of local acts that have made an impression on us this passed year. Friends of Tricycle Records Vol. 1 features unreleased tracks from up and coming Bay Area artists including:  Ash Reiter, Murder of Lilies, Rich Girls, Fake Your Own Death, Kill Moi and Tomihira. In addition we’ll be spotlighting unreleased tracks from our own roster off new 2011 releases from The Union Trade, The Frail and The Northern Key. We also know you Geographer fans are getting antsy waiting for their new record, so we are including a special remix of Verona done by dance music producer Adeptus and our good friend DJ Omar.  Special Thanks to sound engineer Ben Bernardy at Different Fur Studios and Nina Asay for this amazing cover art.

Tricycle Sampler

1. Ash Reiter, Ishi
2. The Union Trade, Aurelia
3. Murder of Lilies, 600 Ways
4. The Frail, Heartbeats
5. Geographer, Verona (Adeptus/Omar Remix)
6. Tomirhia, Superluminal
7. The Northern Key, Soak
8. Rich Girls, Metal Hearts
9. Fake Your Own Death, Dead Don’t Die
10. Kill Moi, Januaries

Mastered by Ben Bernardy at Different Fur

Artwork by Nina Asay

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