Geographer “Animal Shapes”, out today

Tricycle Records proudly announces the release of Geographer ‘Animal Shapes’, out today and available on iTunes, Amazon and through Tricycle Records.

In 2009, Spin Magazine voted Geographer one of “Three Undiscovered Bands You Need to Hear Now”.  With the successful release of ‘Kites’ 7″ and the new ‘Animal Shapes’ EP, the band is already beginning to make an indelible mark on the ears of music fans worldwide.

‘Animal Shapes’ follows up ‘Kites’, building on the synth-driven aesthetic of the single. Flirting with darker, more esoteric underpinnings, this EP merges Geographer’s aptitude for crafting beautiful, haunting melodies with their polyrhythmic energy, marking an evolution of their distinct sound.

The Buzz

“At this very moment ‘Kites’ is set to repeat. It starts like the soundtrack to Nintendo’s “Kid Icarus” (remember that game?) playful electronic blips and beeps guide vocalist Mike Deni as he delicately jumps through a lullaby world before encountering a thunderstorm of drums and synthesizers. You’ll want to play this one over and over.” –Jason Jergens, Owl Mag / 7X7

“Tailor-made for your own personal late-night dance party.” –Spin Magazine

“Layers of bubbling synths and winding guitars and cellos, and Mike Deni’s haunting vocals ride above the electro-acoustic fracas wonderfully. Simply stunning.” –KQED Mix Tape

“The different synths added to the album do not change the overall sound of the band, as there is still the underlying lovable full-band feeling as we’ve heard before and not a ‘one-man and his synth’ style to it all. Not much has changed overall, but with these bit-sized alterations, the transition from old to new is quite enjoyable.” –Music Under Fire

“Deni’s mellow and soothing voice is a perfect compliment to their giddy electronics.” –Green Show Lace

“A perfect orchestration of vintage and modern sounds.”Earcandy New York Podcast Episode 58

Geographer video interview
with Eugenia Loli-Queru for The Owl Mag.

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Upcoming Shows

Thursday, March 11th
Geographer Record Release Show at The Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco, CA
with LoveLikeFire and Altars

Sunday, March 14th
Geographer at Cinespace in Los Angeles, CA
with The Picture Atlantic

Thursday, March 18th
Geographer at Beauty Bar in Austin, TX
The Bay Area Takeover at SXSW
with Wallpaper, Hot Tub, Sleepy Sun, Ty Segall and more!
Free with RSVP:

Friday, April 23rd
Geographer at Cafe DuNord in San Francisco, CA
with Stripmall Architecture and Delle Velum

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