Friends of Tricycle Records Compilation Vol. 9


Compiled by: Julie Schuchard and Andrew St. James
Mastered by: Piper Payne, Infrasonic Mastering
Artwork by: Adrian Landon Brooks

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1. Kendra McKinley, Asleep In Winter
2. Bobbi Rohs, Spoil Me
3. Jane The Message, Self Rescuing Princess
4. Micropixie, Dark Sight of the Moon
5. The Y Axes, Parts Unknown
6. LiL MC, I Need You
7. Billie Gale, Send
8. Bam!Bam!, Holy Rollers
9. Beckylin and Her Druthers, You Ain’t Woman Enough (To Take My Man)
10. Vanessa Silberman, Don’t
11. EL ELLE, Acid Luv
12. Brodie ft. Josh Jacobson, Down Like That
13. Tight Pants and the Dynamite, Twist of Fate
14. Lia Rose, I Want You To Want Me