Friends of Tricycle Records Compilation Vol. 6


Compiled by Julie Schuchard
Compilation Mastered by Christopher Reese Daddio at Donut Time Audio
Artwork by Adrian Landon Brooks

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  1. Rich Girls, New Bag
  2. Perhapsy, Baptism 89
  3. GES, I Don’t
  4. Everyone Is Dirty, Banana Split
  5. Great Apes, Brown Dots
  6. Trash Vampires, Orange Krush
  7. C.J. Alegre, Glow In the Mire
  8. Travis Hayes, Night Swimming (Reisender Remix)
  9. Growwler, Melts Into Air / All That’s Solid
  10. Film School, Give Up
  11. The Union Trade, Murmuration (Halou Remix)
  12. Meet Me In Orbit, Another Day
  13. N. Lannon,Tiny Shell
  14. Good Help, Chills
  15. Kitten Grenade, Leap
  16. Mad Denizen, Casuistry
  17. Excuses For Skipping, Light Years Away