Friends of Tricycle Records Compilation Vol. 5


Compiled by Julie Schuchard
Compilation Mastered by Christopher Reese Daddio at Donut Time Audio
Artwork by Adrian Landon Brooks

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  1. The Union Trade, In The Empire of Giants
  2. NRVS LVRS, City Lights
  3. n. Lannon, Another Love
  4. Bobbi Rohs, That’s Bae
  5. Halou, Lean Into The Gravity
  6. The New Up, Future Is Now
  7. Rich Girls, Total Control (Motels cover)
  8. Lemme Adams, Hella
  9. Everyone Is Dirty, Out Of The Blue (Roxy Music cover)
  10. Kitten Grenade, Eighteen
  11. El Terrible, We Know Your Name
  12. Annie Girl and The Flight, Swans
  13. Unconditional Arms, Fever Basin
  14. Analog Dream, Lion’s Share
  15. Garlands, Hallucination Healer
  16. Brasil, Molly
  17. Jordannah Elizabeth, A Prayer for Black America