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Kendra McKinley, Asleep In Winter
Kendra McKinley is a San Francisco Bay Area singer, songwriter and bandleader whose songs burst with color, wonder, sensuality and wit. Finger painting with the sounds of chamber pop, jazz, soul and psychedelia, McKinley draws from a deep well of empathy. Whether she’s performing solo with a guitar and a looping pedal, fronting a full funk band, or collaborating with artists both local and around the globe, McKinley’s confident, honeyed voice enacts a gravitational pull on all who hear it. Kendra is currently working on a new record curated specifically for women. WEBSITE

“Asleep in Winter”
Written and performed by Kendra McKinley
Recorded and mixed by Scott McDowell
at the Henry Miller Memorial Library (Big Sur, CA)
Mastered by Piper Payne


Bobbi Rohs, Spoil Me
Born and raised in the Bay Area; Bobbi Rohs is a singer, writer, and producer who currently creates a with Different Fur Studios. Lover of multiable music genres, the artist describes her sound as punk/r&b. After a number of self produced releases via Soundcloud Bobbi Rohs debuted her first studio Ep in 2018 via Text Me Records. The EP was a dedication to the singers best friend ‘Brendan Cameron’ who passed away summer 2017. You can find ‘itsjusttheletterb’ all on streaming platforms, new music coming 2020! WEBSITE

“Spoil Me”
Written and performed by Bobbi Rohs
Produced by Grand Banks (Tim Vickers)
Recorded by “Grey goon” Doug Walters
Mastered by Patrick Brown at Different Fur
Released 2019 on Text Me Records


Jane The Message, Self Rescuing Princess
Jane the Message is a San Francisco native, rapper/singer/songwriter, and classically trained ballet dancer.Jane started writing rap verses as a shy 8 year old. She continued this as a personal passion and secret dream career. She also fell in love with ballet, spent 12 years focused on classical ballet training and eventually performing professionally. After an injury sidelined her in 2014, Jane was discovered while freestyle rapping during a live dating game show. She was invited to battle rap at Tourettes Without Regrets and became a crowd favorite and battle rap champion. In 2017 Jane taught herself Logic and made her first mixtape, and began actively pursuing a career as a professional musician. Jane’s music is vulnerable, dramatic, metaphorically complex, and peppered with exceptionally clever puns and dad jokes. WEBSITE

“Self Rescuing Princess”
Written by Jane Hammacher
Produced by Jim Greer and Jane Hammacher
Keyboards & Vocals by Jane Hammacher
drum programming, synthesizers and bass by Jim Greer
Engineered and mixed by Jim Greer
Mastered by Jonathan Kirchner


Micropixie, Dark Sight of the Moon
Made in Bombay, born and raised in the UK, and currently based in San Francisco, Micropixie is the alien alter-ego and creative persona through which Neshma Friend’s voice finds its muse. WEBSITE

“Dark Sight of the Moon”
Released April 9, 2019
Written and arranged by Micropixie & Paco Serén
Recorded and Mixed by Paco Serén
Produced by Paco Serén and Micropixie
Vocals: Micropixie & The Innit Choir
Guitars: Paco Serén, Indy Tumbita, Pablo Alvarez, Iago Lorenzo
Synths and Rhodes: Paco Serén
Bass: Pablo Alvarez
Drums: Hal 9000, Nacho Dafonte
Beats and Scratch Vinyl: Xavi Garcia
Recorded March 2018at Eclipsis Studios, Ponteareas, Galicia, Spain
Mastered by Mikel Krutzaga


The Y Axes, Parts Unknown
The Y Axes are a San Francisco-based indie outfit who play a unique blend of dreamy, synth-glossed pop and rhythmically robust rock. Having initially formed as a recording project by vocalist Alexi Rose Belchere and guitarist Devin Nelson, the duo decided to take on the project full time after premiering a set of songs at their space and prom-themed joint birthday party in July 2011. Bassist Jack Sundquist and drummer Paul Conroy joined in 2015 and early 2018 respectively to contribute their groovy and heavy rhythms to the quartet’s energetic recorded and live performance. Their sound has been described by Consequence of Sound as “strange mix of joy and existential dread” and their performance has been earned them the label of being “one of San Francisco’s most energetic bands” by The Bay Bridged. Their latest album, “No Waves” was mixed and produced by Aaron Hellam in Oakland, California and released June 6, with videos for singles “Moon” directed by George S. Rosenthal and “Get Away” released shortly after. WEBSITE

“Parts Unknown”
Written by The Y Axes: Alexi Belchere, Devin Nelson, Jack Sundquist, and Nick Schneider
Recorded and engineered by Aaron Hellam at Hellam Sound 2018
Released June 2019


LiL MC, I Need You
LiL MC is a Bay Area battle rap champion and recording artist who dropped her first solo album, prey for gods, in July 2017. She is currently working on her second album ,PUNISHer, produced by New York producer/emcee/hip hop educator Unlearn The World. LiL MC is also a hip hop educator for the non-profit organization Hip Hop for Change inc., where she teaches classes on the history of hip hop and the art of emceeing. Her first solo music video “Prey for Gods” dropped on July 25, filmed/directed by Tourettes without regrets host Jamie DeWolf. WEBSITE

“I Need You”
Written and performed by Megan Correa
Recorded at J7 studios
Mixed and Mastered by Deegan Mack Adams


Billie Gale, Send
Billie Gale’s atmospheric dream pop explores the beauty borne out of devastating loss. Taking its name from lead singer Beth Garber’s late mother, the band’s enveloping shoegaze textures blanket Garber’s emotive lyrical outcries. Even the rain-soaked sounds of her native Pacific Northwest get a warm bath of reverb and dreamy synth. Sparkling guitars (Adam Wayne, Charmparticles), elastic bass lines (Eric Shawn), and accelerating drum beats (Justin Wayne) create deeply melodic layers, only to pull away and leave a single sound bare, straining to fill the expansive space left behind. WEBSITE

Recorded at Tiny Telephone, San Francisco, CA
Engineered & Mixed by Brandon Eggleston
Mastered by Ed Brooks at Resonant Mastering
Additional Engineering by Ron Guensche at New Future Vintage
Written by Billie Gale
Lyrics by Beth Garber
Adam Wayne by Guitar
Eric Shawn by Bass
Justin Wayne by Drums
Beth Garber by Vocals, Synth, Guitar


Bam!Bam!, Holy Rollers

Bam!Bam! formed in 2010 after Zola and Chloe met while bartending at The Uptown in Oakland. Zola’s band Make Me had just broken up and it had been a while since Chole had drummed for her old band Stilleta. The two quickly bonded over shots of Fernet, live music, and a mutual affinity for amphibious vehicles. Their early work was inspired mostly by early K records , 80’s Uk indie , and 90’s Riot Grrrl bands played by a guitar and drum duo. Since then they have released two EP’s Let it Go and Golden Haze 2 to kind reviews from Bust, Maximum Rock n’ Roll, and VICE, among others. In this time they have toured the US a bunch and have opened for Calvin Johnson, Shonen Knife, and Scout Niblett, among others. They have also since expanded to include Chloe’s former bandmate, Stiletta bass player Shelly. Nails, the band’s first full-length, was released on August 2nd.  WEBSITE

“Holy Rollers”
Recorded by Aaron Burnham at Harrison Street Record
Mastered by John McBain

Vocals: Zola Goodrich
Piano: Zola Goodrich
Melodica: Chloe Turan


Beckylin and Her Druthers, You Ain’t Woman Enough (To Take My Man)
Beckylin & Her Druthers are based out of the Bay Area, California, and play classic Wig Country with a catalog spanning the late 40s through the early 80s. Beckylin is also known as Rebecca Lin Coseboom of Stripmall Architecture and Halou. “Rebecca Coseboom – a female front woman with an incredible voice – proves she has enough swagger and sway to keep things interesting without ever being overstated”– CMJ  WEBSITE

“You Ain’t Woman Enough (To Take My Man)
Released February 21, 2019
Written by Loretta Lynn
Recorded and Mixed by Dean Katarri
Pedal Steel: Andy Waegel
Guitars: Sean McGlamery
Bass: Doug Martin
Drums: Robert “Porkchop” von Goeben
Vocals: Beckylin Coseboom
Recorded 1/26/19 at the Racquet Club


Vanessa Silberman, Don’t
Vanessa Silberman is a national touring singer, guitarist and songwriter from Los Angeles, CA (recently relocated to Brooklyn, NY), but grew up in the San Francisco. Bay Area. She is also a record producer, engineer, an independent A&R and runs an artist development Label called A Diamond Heart Production.Widely known for having a very strong DIY ethic and wearing many different hats in the music business —Vanessa has worked for heavy hitter’s in the music business such as Producer / Songwriter Dr.Luke as well as for many companies and places ranging from the Foo Fighter’s Studio 606 to Epitaph Record’s. Vanessa’s live shows and music has been compared to the raw bare bones rock ‘n roll of Nirvana & The Ramones along with the appeal of Liz Phair & Chrissie Hynde, authenticity of classic artists such as Patti Smith, Neil Young & the pop sensibilities of commercial radio artists such as Green Day. WEBSITE

Written by Vanessa Silberman (ASCAP – A Diamond Heart Production)
Produced by Vanessa Silberman
Additional Production by Mikel Ross
Engineered by Vanessa Silberman & Mikel Ross at Lucky Recording Company in San Francisco, CA
and at A Diamond Heart Production in Los Angeles, CA.
Mixed by John Lousteau & Oliver Roman at Studio 606 in Northridge, CA
Mastered by Jett Galindo at The Bakery in Los Angeles, CA
Recording features:
Vanessa Silberman – Vocals, Guitar, background vocals
Reed Mullin (of Corrosion of Conformity) – drums
Mikel Ross – Bass, background vocals
Joanna Vassilatos, Carissa Johnson, Chris Danzing – Background Vocals


EL ELLE, Acid Luv
EL ELLE is a solo music and artistic endeavor by Lisa Light, a LA/SF based musician. The project is designed to be realized simultaneously on a variety of media and levels, although it will always spring from the music compositions. The method is divining ongoing collaborations with other artists, dancers, and musicians to continually evolve the initial work into something ever more dimensional, layered, and inspiring. WEBSITE

“Acid Luv”
Written, Produced & mixed by Lisa Light & Jim Greer
Mastered by Jonathan Kirchner


Brodie ft. Josh Jacobson, Down Like That

Brodie Jenkins (Cathedrals), grew up in sleepy California wine country in an old farmhouse that echoed with folk, jazz and soul. Before her fifteenth birthday, she was signed and touring with her mother and sister in an Americana-steeped family band. Her love of rock n roll took hold, however, in college, where she joined a 5-piece rock band with classmate Grahame Lesh, honing her stage chops opening for Furthur, Phil Lesh & Friends and Jackie Greene. On campus, Brodie would walk the same hallways as Cathedrals bandmate Johnny Hwin; but they would never meet until one summer after graduation, when a mutual friend corralled them together at the San Francisco artist collective, The SUB. Johnny, with his distinct electronic sensibility, had a vault of tracks and a string of ideas; Brodie, a soulful crooner with folk roots and a Gothic heart, found an uncanny rapport. Over time the band opened itself up to collaborations outside of their studio in the Mission, and Brodie found herself weaving together songs with a new group of talented musicians and producers. Many of the songs from these sessions have yet to be shared with the world. “Down Like That” is the first to be released outside of the band, and perhaps the first of many. WEBSITE

“Down Like That”
Written by Brodie Jenkins and Josh Jacobson
Vocals by Brodie Jenkins
Produced & Engineered by Josh Jacobson
Synth by Josh Jacobson
Guitars by Horace Bray
Drums by Mitchell Wilcox
Additional Vocals by Josh Jacobson
Mixed by Martin Cooke
Mastered by Ian Sefchick


Tight Pants and the Dynamite, Twist of Fate
Formed in 2014 Tight Pants and the Dynamite have been writing, performing in San Francisco and Oakland and perfecting a tight rock ‘n roll sound. WEBSITE

“Twist of Fate”
Written by Tight Pants and the Dynamite
Recorded by Ted Neranchi and John Wuopio
Mixed and mastered by John Wuopio
Guitar, Vocals Yadira Springer
Guitar, Vocals Joe Springer
Bass, John Wuopio
Drums, Patricia Mott


Lia Rose, I Want You To Want Me (Cheap Trick Cover)
Driven by a fierce optimism and a hope that this world can indeed be a better place, Rose creates music and tours with projects focused on making a positive impact. San Francisco’s Lia Rose writes songs that are poetic, intensely honest, and at times unmistakably autobiographical. Her voice has been called “captivating and beautiful” by Tape Op Magazine. WEBSITE

“I Want You to Want Me” Written by Cheap Trick
Performed by Lia Rose
Recorded, Mixed & Produced by Geoff McCann and Lia Rose


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Track Listing

1. Kendra McKinley, Asleep In Winter
2. Bobbi Rohs, Spoil Me
3. Jane The Message, Self Rescuing Princess
4. Micropixie, Dark Sight of the Moon
5. The Y Axes, Parts Unknown
6. LiL MC, I Need You
7. Billie Gale, Send
8. Bam!Bam!, Holy Rollers
9. Beckylin and Her Druthers, You Ain’t Woman Enough (To Take My Man)
10. Vanessa Silberman, Don’t
11. EL ELLE, Acid Luv
12. Brodie ft. Josh Jacobson, Down Like That
13. Tight Pants and the Dynamite, Twist of Fate
14. Lia Rose, I Want You To Want Me


Compiled by: Julie Schuchard
Mastered by: Piper Payne, Infrasonic Mastering
Artwork by: Adrian Landon Brooks



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