Silver Swans



The Silver Swans are three fictional characters in the Wonder Woman stories. Each Silver Swan has the ability to create powerful sound waves with her voice. Her “swan song” is capable of devastating a small area of land with its destructive force. By creating a low-level humming, the Silver Swan can form a protective shield around herself that can deflect bullets and projectiles. They also have the telepathic ability to control birds and re-arrange matter with the sound they generate.

Musically, Silver Swans capture the eerie drama of The Knife and the sweet darkness of Ladytron. This electro dream pop project from San Francisco began in 2007 as a song floating between producer and musician, Jon Waters and vocalist Ann Yu. Harnessing the energy of electro pop infused with dream-like ethereal vocals, the song ‘Realize The Ghost’ soon flourished into a full length record. With two years in the making, Realize The Ghost is soon to make a debut on Tricycle Records, both as a single and a full length record.


Ann Yu, Vocals
Jon Waters, Sampling, guitar, keys


“Everyone has a different side, especially musicians, and it’s always great to hear that. We all know Ann Yu as the vocalist for LoveLikeFire and her unique ability to create dramatic and memorable songs, but in her side project Silver Swans (with Jon Waters), she shows her keen sense of anchoring dancefloor fillers with beautifully swirling hollow vocals and intricate electro instrumentals that lift you into a dream state…a constant, yet enjoyable struggle between vocals and electronics.” –Stranded in Stereo

“What Blaqk Audio is to AFI, Silver Swans are to SF faves LoveLikeFire. Silver Swans are a fantastic new local synth/dance side-project of Ann Yu, lead singer of LoveLikeFire, and its an incredible piece of haunting, hypotonic and dreamy electronic pop. (for fans of The Knife, LADYTRON and La Roux).” –Aaron Axelsen, Live105 Soundcheck




Silver Swans Realize the Ghost



Silver Swans Realize the Ghost Single




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