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Formed in early 2013, the group has been steadily rising on the strength of their hard-hitting home recordings described as “bedroom-tapes on bath-salts” and their explosive live show. Backed by Christopher Daddio on guitar, Tony Sales on drums, and Tyler English on bass, Sivan has been called a “walking art-project”. Herstage presencewith its impossible-to-turn-away-from, performance-art movement is mesmerizing, and the way she shreds on violin is an entirely new animal. The band walks a fine line between catchy ear-worm rock tunes and a Greenwich Village avant-garde college thesis project.

Coming off the high of playing Live 105’s BFD Festival where they shared a bill with Phantogram & MIA, Everyone Is Dirty is about to go on a mini-tour through the Southwest in July before releasing their first full-length record Dying Is Fun with SF’s Tricycle Records on September 2nd. Chosen by LIVE 105 & KQED as one of the top 10 bands of the Bay, their singles Mama, No!!!Devastate, and Isn’t It Great When Things Fall Apart have been enjoying continuous radio play by SF’s 105.3 LIVE 105, UC Berkeley’s KALX and UC Davis’ KDVS.

After their debut full-length album release this Fall, Everyone Is Dirty is excited to do an Autumn East Coast tour, release a music video, and record a second album already in the works.


Sivan Gur-Arieh, Christopher Daddio, Tony Sales, Tyler English


“Setting aside the darkly ear-wormy melodies, haunting vocals, and refreshingly crisp grunge-pop that goes into Everyone Is Dirty’s sound, it’s singer Sivan Gur-Arieh’s violin slicing sweetly above the chaos of a final chorus, adding a heightened sense of gothic romance to a bridge that sets the Oakland art-rock quartet apart from the current fuzzy, grungy masses. It’s also a big part of the band’s charisma, an invitingness coming through music that technically should feel cold – sure, Gur-Arieh’s distinctive whisper-wail would be at home providing the soundtrack to an artsy vampire flick, but you also trust her, and the weirdness, in the same way you trust the Pixies’ or Sonic Youth’s weirdness; it doesn’t seem to be an affectation.” -Emma Silvers, San Francisco Bay Guardian

“Combining the grit of 90’s era Sonic Youth with the pop sensibilities of Jenny Lewis and Rilo Kiley, the Oakland’s Everyone is Dirty have established themselves as one of the East Bay’s most exciting emerging acts. Lead singer Sivan Gur-Arieh’s darkly seductive vocals and electric violin are the highlight of the group’s transfixing live performances.” – Ethan Varian, The Deli Magazine

“Oakland’s Everyone Is Dirty is a dreamy pop band that can smoothly cut to heavy, noisy guitars and back to the sweet vocals of Sivan Gur-Arieh. Musically there’s a lot of influence from bands like the Pixies, but with Gur-Arieh as the front woman, the band has created a whole new animal.” – Tony DuShane, San Francisco Chronicle

“There are seemingly two different bands within Oakland’s quickly rising indie-quartet, Everyone is Dirty. One is the core rhythm section, who play steady blasts of catchy, heavy alt-rock riffs much like the Pixies, Superchunk and Dinosaur Jr. The other is singer/violinist Sivan Gur-Arieh, who is a walking art project. Her voice ranges from a cool Kim Deal to a highly-expressive PJ Harvey. Her violin, which is attached to a range of effects pedals, adds a tense layer of sonic texture to the crisp ’90s alternative guitar riffs. And her stage presence-with its impossible-to-turn-away-from, almost interpretive dancing-style-is mesmerizing. The band walks a fine line between catchy ear-worm rock tunes and a Greenwich Village avant-garde college thesis project.” – Aaron Carnes, SF Station

“Everyone Is Dirty has been releasing a steady stream of new material since we first told you about them a little over a year ago, including this brand new video for “Dirtbag Side Effect”. One of Everyone Is Dirty’s strengths is the quirky weirdness of lead singer-violinist Sivan, and the video does a great job showcasing the energy she brings to their live performances. It also shows her wailing on her electric violin, which truly is a joy to watch in person.” – Russell Jelinek, The Bay Bridged

“Everyone is Dirty turned the energy up with their own distinctive blend of punk-tinged art rock. Led by powerhouse front woman Sivan Gur-Arieh, who shreds an electric violin like a rock and roll sorceress, the band exuded an authentic strangeness that was both refreshing and jarring.” – Lauren Espena, Impose




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