Andrew St. James

San Francisco native and singer-songwriter Andrew St. James is a rare talent who has single handedly combined San Francisco’s beatnik past with it’s willfully high-tech future…

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Music that blends atmospheric house, experimental tech jazz, and hip-hop…

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Everyone Is Dirty

Art rock with violin madness from Oakland, CA…

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The Union Trade

The Union Trade move in sweeping lines from dark and delicate beauty to soaring, triumphant peaks. Heavy, distorted guitars awash in delay are lifted by driving rhythms…

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Soulful vocal driven music using analog, electronic and acoustic elements to craft dense layers and unique sound textures…

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The Hot Toddies

Oakland all girl trio will charm you and get you drunk with songs of love and adventures with whiskey. Vacillating somewhere at the three way intersection of garage rock, surf and indie pop…

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Rich Girls

A pop confessional of love and addiction backed by tuneful, early-Cure inspired guitar lines….

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The Frail

An explosive union of electro beats and smooth falsetto vocals, The Frail is a flirtatious radio worthy electronica that caters to dance fans of The Postal Service, The Faint and Hot Chip…

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Silver Swans

This electro dream pop project from San Francisco’s Silver Swans capture the eerie drama of The Knife and the sweet darkness of Ladytron…

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Stripmall Architecture

Eclectic and impressively pedigreed material seems to fall somewhere within the vast universes of noisy indie rock and early-90s shoegaze…

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The Blacks

The Blacks are a dark and dancy San Francisco three-piece known for their short, blistering stage shows and laser-beam intensity…

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The Northern Key

Offering tracks full of haunting violin and somber vocals all resting on a bed of delicate guitar strumming, The Northern Key craft melodies suitable for the frequent chilly days of San Francisco’s foggy shores…

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Teenage Sweater

The formula contains notes of classic new wave‚ Joy Division and New Order are easily heard in the nuances of Teenage Sweater’s songs and a healthy dose of its modern incarnation, chillwave…

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