Friends of Tricycle Records Compilation Vol. 4


Compiled by Julie Schuchard
Compilation Mastered by Christopher Reese Daddio at Donut Time Audio
Artwork by Adrian Landon Brooks

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  1. Bath Salts, Travis Hayes
  2. Isn’t It Great? , Everyone Is Dirty
  3. Murmurations, The Union Trade
  4. Don’t Go Far Away, Sacred Caves
  5. Enter The Night, Meet Me In Orbit
  6. Let’s Go Outside, NeZoomie feat. Eitch
  7. Persian Glove, Sun Like Drugs
  8. Tiger, 8th Grader
  9. Tramp, El Elle
  10. Surrender, Breakdown Valentine
  11. Four Leaf Clover, BLAUS
  12. Man On The Coast, Seatraffic
  13. Irrelevant Elephant, Melvoy
  14. Killer At The Door, Truth By Moonlight
  15. Let You Down, Fritz Montana
  16. Worn, Northern Key