Friends of Tricycle Records Compilation Vol. 3


Produced by Julie Schuchard and Erin Venibles
Mastered by Ben Bernardy

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  1. Blaus Wind Pick Me Up
  2. James & Evander Un-Thinkable (Alicia Keys Cover)
  3. The Hot Toddies Summertime Blues
  4. Modern Man She Wears Pants
  5. Sioux City Kid American Honey
  6. Odd Owl The Way Home
  7. Kill Moi Hourglass
  8. The Tambo Rays Take That
  9. Spendthrift No
  10. WOOF (feat. Kyle The Fantasy) This 1 Called Feelings
  11. Happy Fangs Midnight Monsters
  12. Books On Fate (feat. Natalie Rakes) Myth of Trust
  13. Stripmall Architecture Eating The Sink
  14. Swiftumz Angelita
  15. The Union Trade Hawk vs Crow
  16. Kitten Grenade Grey