Friends of Tricycle Records Compilation Vol. 2

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Track Listing

  1. Storm King, Big Tree
  2. Wild Summer, Mister Loveless
  3. Heavy Without You, 8th Grader
  4. Find You, Le Vice
  5. Boogie Nights, The Hot Toddies
  6. Simple Song (Shins cover), Loquat
  7. Living, Birdmonster
  8. Darlin’ Darlin’ , Sioux City Kid & The Revolutionary Ramblers
  9. Sink Like Stones, Rich Girls
  10. Bombs Don’t Show Up, Fake Your Own Death
  11. Astronaut, Paranoids
  12. Just You Wait, I Am Animal
  13. Tomorrows Version Of Me, Here Come The Saviours
  14. I’m Not (Going Back), Magic Fight
  15. Oceans and Seas, Teenage Sweater
  16. Everyday (Remix), Union Trade
  17. Girls on My Brain, Lilofee
  18. OurBrethren’s, Vows
Produced by Julie Schuchard
Mastered by Rob Easson


Storm King,  Big Tree
Big Tree is an indie pop quintet, conjuring up “a sweetly enchanting sound which rings both lushly produced and delightfully rag-tag DIY at the same time. A much smaller, earthier Polyphonic Spree, if you will.” Born in the Big Apple, the five-piece recently relocated to sunny California, where they’ve quickly become a thriving element of the Bay Area music scene.

Produced by Big Tree & Mike Cross
Additional production and engineering support by Tasia McIntyre-Bader
Engineered by Mike, Tasia, and Mike Hart
Mixed by Mike Cross
Mastered by Jon Cohrs at Spleenless Mastering
Guitars recorded at Spaceman Sound

Wild Summer,  Mister Loveless
Mister Loveless are a 4-piece rock band founded in 2003 by high school friends, Rob Miller and Charlie Koliha in a sleepy suburb of Walnut Creek but currently reside in Oakland. Mister Loveless have influences that range from the melodic tension building dynamics of The Pixies, to the crooning testimony of The Smiths. They have the ability to move the listener into a frenzy and celebration of youth and disorder then, within moments, take them to the brink of solemn tears. It is this double nature, one of joy and regret, that leads spectators to put their drinks down and approach the stage with moth-like tragedy. Mister Loveless are currently setting up the release of their album, Grow Up, for Sept 11th, 2012. The album will stand as a call to arms and a challenge to a generation that will have to find their place in the world and make it their own.

Produced and engineered by Duane M. Ramos
Additional production and mix by Matt Wallace
Mastered by Stephen Marsh

Heavy Without You,  8th Grader
Fronted by Singer-Songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jayson Martinovich (Music for Animals),  8th Grader breathes new life into the slow jam with soulful harmonies and R & B inspired ear candy.

Written, Recorded and Produced by 8th Grader
Mixed by Nic Pope, Different Fur
Mastered by Paul Logus

Find You, Le VICE
Imagine fixed wheel bicycles chained to a yacht, dirty Chuck Taylor’s and Dom Perignon, Hip Hop and R&B with an indie twist. This San Francisco foursome has managed to craft an indulgent sound that takes advantage of all the things we love to hate – a little sparkly bling bling mixed with a dash of dirty hipster.

Recorded by John Flores and Jeremy Rosenblum at Studio SQ in San Francisco, CA.
Mixed by John Flores at Studio SQ in San Francisco, CA.
Mastered by Mike Wells

Boogie Nights, The Hot Toddies
The Hot Toddies, an all-girl trio from Oakland, CA mix sunny beach pop, indie rock riffs, a bottle of whiskey and a dry sense of humor. Heidi, Erin, Jessica and Sylvia are best friends who have been playing music, drinking whiskey and writing songs together since 2005. They’ve toured across the US, Canada and the UK in support of their 2 albums “Smell the Mitten” and “Get Your Heart On” out on Asian Man Records.

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Muller at 1060

Simple Song (Shins cover), Loquat
Loquat chronicles train terrorism, space expeditions, and criminal infamy while mixing modern twists of new wave, psychedelic rock, and jangle-y pop. The Onion’s A.V. Club has called Loquat’s music “a dream-pop party that keeps getting better upon closer inspection,” while has said that Loquat is “a bit like Rilo Kiley at the more melodic, sing-along points or Cat Power in a few soaring, emotion-soaked moments.” Loquat has been remixed by Morgan Page, Junior Sanchez, Amplive, and Nortec Collective; was featured on shows such as MTV’s “Teen Mom” and CW’s “One Tree Hill”; has played SXSW, CMJ, and Treasure Island Music Festival; and has shared the stage with Goldfrapp, Miike Snow, TV on the Radio, The Cardigans, and Liz Phair.

Recorded live and mixed by Kylee Swenson

Living,  Birdmonster
Birdmonster is based in San Francisco and is currently releasing a series of singles they self-produced and self-recorded under the moniker “Birdmonster Singles Project.” They’ve released two full lengths— “No Midnight” and “From the Mountain to the Sea” —as well as 2009’s “Blood Memory” EP.  “No Midnight” featured Bradley Cook (Foo Fighters, Old 97’s) in the production seat, while the later two were produced by Tom Schick (Wilco, M. Ward) and released on New York’s Fader Label. Birdmonster has done extensive touring across America and Canada, when Canada feels like letting them into the country, and have played on bills with The National, The White Stripes, Art Brut, Ra Ra Riot, and Cold War Kids to name a few.

Written, produced & mixed by Birdmonster
Engineered by Ryan Sommer & Birdmonster
Mastered by Ian Kennedy at New Alliance

Darlin’ Darlin’,  Sioux City Kid & The Revolutionary Ramblers
Sioux City Kid is a California-bred singer/songwriter. Being attracted to classic blues and country from an early age, he started becoming obsessed with struggle and song. By his early 20’s, he was living in a van, driving around the country, soaking up all that he encountered. It wasn’t until a few years later, he found himself in San Francisco where he had formed a band and was playing out constantly, gaining notoriety for their whiskey-fueled shows and anthemic melodies like Little Hell and Wishin’ Well. He now finds himself at another crossroads, performing and traveling as usual, finding the balance between song and struggle.

Sink Like Stones, Rich Girls
Rich Girls is the solo project of Luisa Black (The Blacks). After moping around for two years post-Blacks breakup, Black was reluctant to assemble a new band. Instead she began work on a series of demos, writing and recording the full band instrumentation herself. Eventually she joined forces with engineer Sean Beresford to produce an EP’s worth of new material. The One I Want is a collection of garage rock torch songs from the dark end of the street and will be released on Tricycle Records in October 2012.

Engineered and mixed by Sean Beresford for Blighty Sound.
Produced by Sean Beresford and Rich Girls.
Mastered by John Greenham.
Gavin Haag plays drums on Sink Like Stones.

Bombs Don’t Show Up, Fake Your Own Death
The members of Fake Your Own Death, a San Francisco band, are constantly reinventing their sound, their vision and the Mission District art scene that they call home. Starting over again seems to be the mantra in the band’s debut release which came out in March, 2012, called “Invisible and Bulletproof”. The music sounds fresh, vital and earnest while at the same time, vintage and honest. Lead singer, Terry Ashkinos (Elephone), built this band around a belief that there are still genuine questions to be explored in art and rock ‘n roll and he surrounded himself with musicians and artists from the SF scene. Together they create passionate, emotional music with explosive live shows. Working with an in-house producer, Sean Beresford, FYOD has created a collection of dramatic songs of dissatisfaction and simple bliss.

Produced, engineered and mixed by Sean Beresford for Blighty Sound
Recording and Mixing by Sean Beresford
Mastered by Brian Lucey at Magic Garden Mastering

Astronaut, Paranoids
The music of San Francisco’s Paranoids occupies a murky realm between melodic balladry, playful pop, and noisy, unhinged psychedelia. With a seven-odd-year history featuring a staggering number of instrumentalists, instrumentations, and stylistic explorations, Paranoids sometimes seem schizophrenic. But the peculiar pop sensibilities of songwriter Damon Larson run a thread through the group’s chameleon like evolution.

Recorded and mixed by Damon Larso
Mastered by Last Drop Mastering

Just You Wait, I Am Animal
Members of Murder of Lilies reinvent their sound with this new project. Making it’s public debut, Just You Wait really does speak to the fans patiently waiting for the bands next phase.

Produced, engineered and mixed by Sean Beresford for Blighty Sound
Recording and Mixing by Sean Beresford

Tomorrows Version Of Me, Here Come The Saviours
Here Come the Saviours are long time friends, forever playing in separate bands (Smiler, The Stratford 4, The Otherside), and finally playing in the same band together.  Marc and Susan bounce between keyboard bass and analogue drums, electric bass and electronic drums seamlessly, and layers and layers of swirly bent guitar tones emanate from Jake’s long time shoegazing roots. Steve’s adds lazy, snarling, vocal melodies over a wall of fuzzy sounds while adding his own angular post-punk guitar work. Nothing small about it, HCTS moves you like early MBV, gets dark like Joy Division, and is expressively loud in the best of ways.

Recorded by Jake Hosek
Mixed by Eric Blood
Mastered by Mike Wells

I’m Not (Going Back), Magic Fight
Oakland based Magic Fight rose like a baby phoenix from a springtime of destruction in Northern California in 2012. It is post-everything sad pop for delusional optimists and will soon be bringing it to your ears and hearts.

Recorded and Mixed by Magic Fight
Mastering by Sebastian Nehen

Oceans and Seas, Teenage Sweater
Teenage Sweater sound like a blurrier, more downtrodden Small Black — or perhaps Neon Indian, minus the neon. The group leans on distinctly slower beats and moodier synth tones than the aforementioned. You get the sense that frontman and ringleader Mario Ruiz spins a lot of New Order records when he isn’t playing keys, percussion, singing or sequencing tracks for Teenage Sweater.

Recorded by Adam Sullivan at Great Magnet Studio
Mixed by Connor Alfaro and Gilles O’Kane
Mastered by Adam Sullivan

Everyday Including Holidays (Remix), The Union Trade
The Union Trade add a dynamic new element to their vision of a lush cinematic post rock sound usually built on heavily distorted guitars awash in delay, epic dynamics, and minimalist vocals. The Union Trade will release a new EP titled “Translations” out this fall with four songs electro remixed.  August of 2012 we will also celebrate the success of their LP Everyday Including with a limited edition vinyl pressing now available through the Tricycle Records catalog.

Remix by: Travers

Girls on My Brain, Lilofee
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Rob Easson

OurBrethren’s, Vows
Vows formed in San Francisco in 2007 on the heels of some musical & personal break-ups and since then have gone on to share the stage with a variety of international acts (such as Dead Meadow; Two Gallants) all the while crafting a healthy catalog of songs rooted in distinctly Californian pop. After recording two albums and touring half the United States, Vows are seeking new adventures and packing in all kinds of stories & sonic surprises for the ride.

Recorded by Alex Cox at Different Fur Studios
Mixed by Lucas Boilon at Faultline Studios
Mastered by Rob Easson