Friends of Tricycle Records Compilation Vol. 1

Tricycle Sampler

1. Ash Reiter, Ishi
2. The Union Trade, Aurelia
3. Murder of Lilies, 600 Ways
4. The Frail, Heartbeats
5. Geographer, Verona (Adeptus/Omar Remix)
6. Tomihira, Superluminal
7. The Northern Key, Soak
8. Rich Girls, Metal Hearts
9. Fake Your Own DeathDead Don’t Die
10. Kill Moi, Januaries

Mastered by Ben Bernardy at Different Fur

Artwork by Nina Asay

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Ash Reiter, Ishi

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Juan Carlos Arredondo
at New Improved Studio

Leading the way in a fusion of musical stylings that encompass the jazz elements of Feist and the intimacy of Cat Power, Ash Reiter won’t let the beat drop whether she is crooning about trampled hearts or singing an ode to a run down apartment. Reiter has been performing and touring since 2006 when she started her college band, Drunken Boat, a lo-fi folk affair with a sound that now underlies the more dance oriented rock and roll sound she now represents. With a voice like honey and whiskey and lyrics like… well, honey and whiskey, Ash Reiter brings you California soaked grooves and an arsenal of dance gems. Don’t miss her upcoming album Hola due out Spring 2011. Members include Drew Brown, Will Halsey, Ash Reiter and Michael Spreer.

The Union Trade, Aurelia

Recorded and Mixed by Adam Myatt at Sharkbite Studios
Mastered by Count at Vertebrae Productions

The Union Trade made their debut in 2007 on Tricycle Records with the release of their first EP, Now the Swell. 2008, Everyday Including laid out the band’s vision of a lush cinematic post rock sound built on heavily distorted guitars awash in delay, epic dynamics, and minimalist vocals. On their upcoming EP, Why We Need Night, founding members Don Joslin, Eric Salk, Nate Munger and David Elrod, introduce a broader range of electronic, analog and acoustic elements, while consciously stripping away some of the epic layers of their first album to expose the intimacy of a beautiful guitar line, the gravity of a simple piano progression, or the emotion and lyricism of a vocal performance.

Murder of Lilies, 600 Ways

Recorded and Mixed by Rob Easson at SO Studios
Mastered by Marc Urselli at EastSide Sound

America has been making traditional rock bands for sixty years. Beautiful ones. But then it hit us. Who says a band has to be round? Convention. Nothing more. And so came the idea for Murder of Lilies. The first radical change in the way we tell time. You read them from top to bottom, not around in circles. Daniel Murder ticks off the minutes in the outer perimeter. Ryan Joseph points the hour in the inner perimeter. Adam LaBay plays bass on this track.When each of them reach the bottom they snap back to the top. It’s as simple as that. Murder of Lilies even winds itself. Now you can tell time like it’s never been told before.

The Frail, Heartbeats

Recorded and Mastered by Ben Bernardy
at Different Fur Studios
Mixed by Kevin Durr and Daniel Lannon

In the past four years vocalist Daniel Lannon, and producer Kevin Durr have evolved from a Craigslist meeting to electro-pop wunderkinds, crafting the songs charged with emotion and nostalgia that have appealed to thousands of music and dance fans across the U.S. This passed year, The Frail have grown in a new direction by adding to their organic sound with guitarists Izzy Chavarin and Rob Pera, who joined them in co-writing and recording at Different Fur Studios in late 2010. The result is a deeper electric sound that takes The Frail to a whole new level. “Lasers Over Lovers” will be released on Tricycle Records in March of 2011.

Geographer, Verona (Adeptus/Omar Remix)

Mixed and Mastered by Adeptus
DJ Omar / Collaborator

Adeptus is an avid member of the Electro Empire, a contributor to Intergalactic FM, where he hosts/produces a weekly radio show on IFM Channel 1 alongside friend and partner DJ Marnacle. Adeptus also co-founded the Production group/DJ collective “Party Effects”.  He is currently producing for several artists, including Brazilian pop singer DZ MC’s, Freestyle singer Gloria Hernandez, and Bay Area pop singer Hunx. He has released/contributed to 3 dance music compilations with Party Effects and the Honey Sound System and has an upcoming album release on Strange Life Records. Adeptus have been producing dance music for 7 years.

Tomihira, Superluminal

Tomihira is an indie/ space rock/ electronica band from San Francisco compromising of signer/ songwriter Dean Tomihira & drummer Markkus Rovito.  The band made it’s recording debut with a full length entitled “Play Dead” in 2006.   They released a single in 2008 and are now ready to put forth a new 4 song EP called “Blackout”.  The song from the EP which is featured on the Tricycle Records compilation is called “Superluminal” which was recorded, mixed & mastered by the band.

The Northern Key, Soak

Recorded and Mixed by Andrew Galluccio and Christina Platter
Mastered by Ben Bernardy at Different Fur Studios

The Northern Key started out as a solo project of SF folkie Andrew Galluccio. Produced by Chris Chu of The Morning Benders, the “self titled” full length was recorded and mixed at the San Francisco studio Different Fur and released on Tricycle Records in 2010. Andrew enlisted Danny Sullivan (formerly of Beulah) on drums and Christina Platter on Violin and Keyboards to play live and they are currently working on the second Northern Key record as the full band they have become.

Rich Girls, Metal Hearts

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Sean Beresford
at Carriage House Recorders and Blighty Sound

Rich Girls is a committee of one. All music written and performed by Luisa Black (formally of The Blacks). Sean Beresford produces. Various players lend a hand: that’s Dave Lentz on drums, Sean Beresford on bass and Marc Capelle on horns.

Fake Your Own Death, Dead Don’t Die

Recorded and Produced by Sean Beresford at Blimey Studios
Mastered by Michael Romanowski

You don’t have to actually die to start over, but you might have to pretend to. The name, Fake Your Own Death, refers to both the fact that everyone at one point in their life wishes they could be born anew and that in the age of the internet it is impossible to fake one’s own death and disappear. Elvis and Bruce Lee may have faked their own death but Michael Jackson didn’t.  FYOD’s music is as moving, honest, literate, brutal and infectious as the Mission District in San Francisco where the band members live.  Members include Terry Ashkinos, Dave Lentz, Luisa Black and Keith Ensign.

Kill Moi, Januaries

Recorded and Mixed by Jonah Strauss at Ship Wreck Studio
Mastered by Myles Boisen

Kill Moi is an indie-rock band based in San Francisco that was described by one local reviewer as “the Shins meet Neil Diamond at a New Orleans funeral while reading a Murakami novel and drinking too much bourbon”. Members are Ryan Lambert, Andrew Burmester, Daniel Settle, Aaron Hazen, Ryan Manley and Laura Carpenter.